Angel B. Lee  

Design & Creative Direction


Agency: Pearlfisher
Role: Design lead and concept designer
Creative Director: Hamish Campbell 
Design Director: Drew Stocker
Design Team: Shruti Shyam, Alex Wagner, Lindsey Avino
Motion: Justin Sotille, Alex Miller 

When General Mills and Pearlfisher partnered together to bring new life and energy to several of their iconic snack brands, I was delighted to be the initial design lead and concept designer for a brand nostalgic to my childhood. For decades, Fruit Roll-Ups have been about playing all day: stretch, rip, twist, tattoo, you name it. I worked with the Pearlfisher team to create a glow up noticeable for Gen Z. Inspired by the creative ways to play with FRU, the world of fun is made limitless through a 2D illustration style and a vibrant color palette. Keep the imagination alive! 

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