Angel B. Lee  

Design & Creative Direction


Agency: Pearlfisher
Role: Design Lead
Creative Director & Concept: Matt Sia
Designers: Alex Wagner, Anna Inson 

In efforts to create a fresh and approachable brand in the existing and saturated electric toothbrush space, I worked with a team of designers and strategists at Pearlfisher to develop Hum by Colgate. The visual design and humanistic, whimsical tone of voice create an engaging brand in what can be a sterile, hygiene space. From strategy and initial concept design to packaging and brand marketing (POS, digital app, e-commerce, and social media campaigns), a robust brand world was born and thoroughly launched. The success of the brand eventually led to further development and manufacturing of other Colgate brand extensions and products inspired by Hum’s visual system and tone of voice.

Lifestyle still photography by Emily Simms.

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